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Your Staffing Needs are Unique and Always Evolving

25 years of unified experience in the field of HR and TA

Experience of working with more than 100 companies in IT and Non IT TA assignments across APAC Region

Network of 100+ Recruitment partners and Satellite resources across locations
years of unified experience in the field of HR and TA
Experience of working with companies
Recruitment partners and Satellite resources

TA Supply Chain

100 or 500 or 1000 to 1??? What is your funnel bandwidth? Where are the resources for every position? How long can the market pool last?

We create a funnel that is effective and successful for quick turnarounds. Having a warm constant funnel helps in reducing TATs and this can be achieved only by being an extended arm of your HR team. This allows us to ensure an uninterrupted supply of talent and a central talent funnel to cater to different roles, industries and geographies.

Cost Effective Partner

Every component in the hiring cycle is inter dependent. If one fails our even delays, the cost will increase. We focus on various combinations of sourcing channels and assessments for quality and on time. This will prove to be cost effective in the long term.

To achieve this cost effectiveness, we have SMEs as satellite resources who are geographically independent and combine traditional and modern sourcing, assessment practices.

Business Partner

Do you want a vendor who just shares some CVs or a partner who will be accountable at every stage to ensure quality and meet the timeline within budget by providing right workforce at right time?

We will be your Business Partner, an extension of your HR / TA team. What they are accountable for, so will we. This will enable us to shorten your TA cycle short, be cost effective and productive.

Bespoke Solutions

No ‘One solution’ can fit all! It needs to be unique, tailored and delivered one-on-one.

Everybody does recruitment. What we do is become one of you, be in your shoes to understand your company, processes, help set expectations of the market, resource availability and then provide a solution which will be budget friendly and apt to your need